1846 Loyalty Society

The 1846 Loyalty Society recognizes donors who support Saint Xavier University for between 2 and 20+ years consecutively. This society takes its name from the year of our founding and honors the uncommon loyalty of our most dedicated alumni and friend donors. Alumni and friends can qualify for membership at one of four levels: Charter, Milestone, Pillar and Lifetime

Lifetime Level (giving consecutively for 20 or more years)

Mr. Raymond E. Anderson and Mrs. Georgia A. Anderson ’82
Mr. Richard Angerer and Mrs. Mary Angerer ’60
Mr. Bill Arenberg and Mrs. Lorraine L. Arenberg ’83
Joan Arzbaecher ’53
Mr. Sullivan Augustine and Mrs. Linda Augustine ’70
Anita M. Baden ’77
Mr. Ronald Bailitz and Mrs. Helen M. Bailitz ’65
Geraldine R. Baker ’53
Teresa A. Baldwin ’71
Mr. Terry Barnes and Mrs. Joyce Barnes ’69
Mr. Rudy Sprinkle and Mrs. Andrea M. Barsevick, DNS ’69
Mr. Paul Staker and Ms. Mary C. Bartel Staker ’82
Eileen S. Barton ’68
Dr. Linas Bartuska and Mrs. Kimberly Bartuska ’88
Mr. Robert A. Bedore and Mrs. Joan T. Bedore ’82
Jeanine Benetier ’55
Mr. Paul J. Beno and Mrs. Mary Frances K. Beno ’70
Bernadette M. Benson ’60
Sister Mary Ann Bergfeld, R.S.M. ’58, ’66
Margaret M. Berglind ’74
Mr. Robert Billingsley and Mrs. Sally Billingsley ’49
Mr. Carl Bisgard and Mrs. Ann Bisgard ’65
Mr. Paul Blatt and Mrs. Joanne L. Blatt ’57
Mr. William Blew and Mrs. Lynn W. Blew ’73
Marcia E. Bliss ’67
Mr. Marshall Blume and Mrs. Loretta Blume ’64
Margaret M. Bogacz, D.A. ’64
Mary Ann Boreczky ’52
Mr. Dennis Boyd and Mrs. Mary K. Boyd ’67
Mr. David E. Brann and Mrs. Donna J. Brann ’68
Mr. Robert Breckenridge and Mrs. Rose Breckenridge, Ph.D. ’67
Judith C. Brinkman ’76
C. Thomas Brockmann, Ph.D.
Mr. Brian Burhoe and Mrs. Joan E. Burhoe ’75
Patricia Burke ’71
Kay F. Burton ’60
Sister Cathleen Cahill, R.S.M. ’66
Sister Nancy Cahill, R.S.M., Ed.D. ’60, ’69
Sister Maryellen Callahan, R.S.M. ’64
Kathleen Maida Cantone ’75
Mr. Phillip A. Carrigan and Mrs. Mary Ellen Carrigan ’68
Margaret K. Carroll, Ed.D.
Mr. Carter Carroll and Mrs. Phyllis Carroll ’57
Mary Ellen Cassinelli ’51
Dr. Gerard Cerniak and Mrs. Grace A. Cerniak ’69
Mr. Loren Chamberlain and Mrs. Marian Chamberlain ’67
Charlene Chisek ’67
Avis Clendenen, Ph.D. ’72
Mr. Leonard Cmiel and Mrs. Marietta J. Cmiel ’76
Mr. Jerome P. Comer and Mrs. Joyce Comer ’62
Mr. William Comis and Mrs. Vivian G. Comis ’51
Rosalyn Cooper ’71
Mr. Anton Florian and Mrs. Sue A. Corbett-Florian ’82, ’90
Mr. Martin Cosgrove and Mrs. Mary Cosgrove ’58
Shirley Cosgrove ’46
Dianne R. Costanzo, Ph.D. ’76
Mr. Michael G. Costello and Mrs. Marian Costello ’48
Mr. David Cox and Mrs. Lynne J. Cox ’87
Mr. Philip Janicak and Mrs. Mary J. Cray ’66
Sister Frances Crean, R.S.M., Ph.D. ’66
Patricia M. Cronin ’48
Mr. John Crouch and Mrs. Kathryn Crouch ’70
Mr. Paul Doherty and Mrs. Kathleen Cuculic Doherty ’74
Mary Helen Cunnea ’62
Mary Lynn Curran ’60
Mr. Charles J. Cusick and Mrs. Sharon Z. Cusick ’84
Mr. William T. Dattulo and Mrs. Annette F. Dattulo ’64
Mr. H. P. Davidson and Mrs. Barbara M. Davidson ’67
Mr. John R. DeLeonardis ’89 and Mrs. Patricia DeLeonardis
Marilyn A. Deming ’66
Ellen J. Dennis
Mr. Mahasen DeSilva and Mrs. Eileen A. DeSilva ’68
Mr. Donald DiFilippo and Mrs. Judy DiFilippo ’69, ’78
Margaret E. Dillon ’40
Mr. Kevin Doherty ’78 and Mrs. Jane Maiberger Doherty ’78
Julia K. Donegan, M.S.N., R.N. ’63
Lucille Donegan ’45
Jane Downey ’65
Mr. John A. Dracup and Ms. Kathleen A. Dracup ’67
Mr. Clement Dries and Mrs. Catherine A. Dries ’70
Therese H. Dumond ’55
Mr. James Dunne and Mrs. Mary J. Dunne ’79
Monica E. Dutkiewicz ’65
Mr. John C. Dwyer and Mrs. Jacquelyn Dwyer ’55
JoAnne Engelke ’81
Mr. John Eshelman and Mrs. Mary Eshelman ’45
Mr. L. Daniel Fanger and Mrs. Rebecca Fanger ’70
Mr. Norman Feck and Mrs. Susan Feck ’64
Mr. Gary Ferrence and Mrs. Carol A. Ferrence ’62
Grace Fiorenza ’73
Marlene C. Fitch ’70
Josephine Fitzgerald ’64
Alice Margaret Foley ’60
Carol A. Fornek ’62
Nannette Franz ’45
Carol Miller Freund ’68
Gail Fromes ’77
Rita Gallagher ’58
Rose Garavan-Oskielunas ’75
Ross Lyn Garber ’71
Mr. Thomas Gavin and Mrs. Linnea Gavin ’73
Mary Anne Gaynor ’59, ’77
Mr. Joseph Tobin and Mrs. Sally Gaynor Tobin ’63
Georgianne M. Gerber ’72
Mary K. Gibson ’55
Mr. James L. Risk and Ms. Paula Gleason Risk ’70
Cecelia M. Goldthwaite ’48
Jarie Vavra Granton ’48
Sister Lois Graver, R.S.M. ’57
Mr. Harold Greene and Mrs. Bernice P. Greene ’55
Margaret M. Grist ’69
Joan C. Guilfoyle ’39
Mr. Robert Guth and Mrs. Mary I. Guth ’52
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hallberg
Sister Mary Hannon, R.S.M. ’61
Patricia Ann Hannon ’82
Maureen Hanrahan ’67
Mr. Jerome L. Harden and Mrs. Linda H. Harden ’73
Mr. Francis J. Harmon and Mrs. Margaret A. Harmon ’85
Alice Elizabeth Harper ’85
Mr. Stephen R. Schmidt and Mrs. Gail Harris-Schmidt, Ph.D.
Dr. and Mrs. Paul A. Hazard
Mr. Fred Heidecke and Mrs. Marilyn Heidecke ’52
Mr. Jack Heinen and Mrs. Leona Z. Heinen ’57
Lois Heintz ’60
Mary Ann Helmold ’64
Mr. Bernard Henehan and Mrs. Alice Henehan ’56
Mr. Laurence J. Hicks and Mrs. Judith E. Hicks ’69
Mr. Randal Hoyer and Mrs. Linda M. Hoyer ’65
Mr. Dennis Huaman and Mrs. Therese C. Huaman ’66
Mr. Dennis E. Huebner and Ms. Emily A. Huebner ’73
Gertrude Huffman ’60
Mr. William M. Hurley and Mrs. Suzanne M. Hurley ’64
Mr. Anh Huynh and Mrs. Lan H. Huynh, R.N. ’67
Mary F. Kale Jablonskis ’58, ’74
Mr. Fred Jerger and Mrs. Sandra S. Jerger ’61
Sister Marion Johnson, R.S.M. ’60
Mr. Ernst R. Jolas ’73 and Mrs. Mary J. Jolas
Mr. Daniel Jones and Mrs. Patricia J. Jones ’65
Mary Monica Joria ’35
Mr. James T. Joyce and Mrs. Janet Joyce ’64
Jane Kaczorowski ’64
Catherine W. Kallal ’43
Mr. John Kane and Mrs. Mary T. Kane ’65
Mr. Ted Karrison and Mrs. Joan K. Karrison ’87
Eileen F. Kearney, Ph.D.
Carol A. Keene, Ph.D. ’61
Mr. Frank Keller and Mrs. Janet K. Keller ’67
Lori Kelly, Ph.D. ’69
Denise O. Kennedy ’71
Mary T. Kersten ’66
Gregory Kersting and Mrs. Maureen Kersting ’63
Dr. Robert T. Kessler and Mrs. Susan C. Kessler ’60
Mr. Martin V. Kierzek ’81 and Mrs. Karen Kierzek
Mr. Stephen Kizaric and Mrs. Shirley R. Kizaric ’69
Mr. Ralph Kletzien and Mrs. Judith I. Kletzien ’70
Mr. James Koenig and Mrs. Kathryn Koenig ’50
Mary L. Kolasinski ’70
Mr. Alan Koren and Mrs. Mary E. Koren, Ph.D., R.N. ’72
Mr. Francis Kostel and Mrs. Sharon Kostel ’71
Barbara Kratochvil ’70
B. A. Kusek ’63
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kuska
Mr. Jerome Lakota and Mrs. Margaret Lakota ’67
Dolores LaVigne ’57
Mary Lebold, Ed.D. ’60
Carol A. Lee ’69
Mr. Joseph Lenac and Mrs. Jeanne A. Lenac ’62
Mr. Richard Littleton and Mrs. Bonnie Littleton ’77
Dr. Gerald F. Loftus and Mrs. Mary Clare Loftus ’65
Captain Linda D. Long ’74
Marlene T. Long ’61
Cheryl Luetkemeyer ’73
Mr. James Lyne and Mrs. Frances A. Lyne ’70
Mary Ann Lyons ’62
Mr. Hughston MacConnell and Mrs. Mary Lou MacConnell ’77
Joan M. MacDonald ’55, ’89
Dr. Donald Momano and Mrs. Pamela Mammano ’74
Petronelle Marinier ’75
Mr. Richard Marth and Mrs. Rosemary Marth ’57
Mr. Thomas Massar and Mrs. Mary E. Massar ’54
Eileen K. Massura ’71
Mr. Robert J. Maszka and Mrs. Christine J. Maszka ’63
Mr. Paul A. Mate and Mrs. Joyce A. Mate ’66
Mr. Robert Quillman and Mrs. Joan McClowry Quillman ’64
Eileen McDermott ’77
Marie S. McDonough ’53
Gloria McGrath ’75
Kenneth G. McGuire, Jr.
Charlotte McHugh ’45
Mr. John P. McNamara and Mrs. Kathleen McNamara ’59
Moonyeen Meehan ’42
Mr. Joseph Menez and Mrs. Charlene K. Menez ’47
Karen M. Meyer ’74
Mr. Wally Mierendorf and Mrs. Susan S. Mierendorf ’77
Ramune Mikaila ’64
Mr. David Mishlove and Mrs. Nancy Mishlove ’88
Dr. Michael Mizwicki ’74 and Mrs. Alana Mizwicki
Joanne M. Molloy ’77
Mr. James A. Morris and Mrs. Patricia A. Morris, Ph.D. ’83
Sister Carol Mucha, R.S.M.
Mr. William Muempfer and Mrs. Marguerite Muempfer ’65
Mr. Daniel Mulcahy and Mrs. Patricia M. Mulcahy ’69
Gladys Murphy ’48
Nancy Graver Murphy ’85
Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Murphy, Ed.D.
Mr. Raja Nandyal and Mrs. Robin L. Nandyal ’76
Mr. Frank Nash and Mrs. Bernadine D. Nash ’53
Mr. Joseph W. Nelligan and Mrs. Beatrice H. Nelligan ’60
Catherine Nessinger
Mr. Ronald Niego and Mrs. Patricia Niego ’59
Mary D. Nirtaut ’62
Dr. Roger Nissen and Mrs. Eileen Nissen ’69
Loretta Fisher Nolan, Ed.D. ’48
Margaret Novy ’70
Carol A. Nykiel ’63
Mr. Donald O’Brien and Mrs. Margaret M. O’Brien ’53
Dr. Sheila A. O’Brien ’61
Mr. Jay O’Callaghan and Mrs. Darlene O’Callaghan RN, MSN, MSEd ’69
Mary C. O’Flaherty ’76
Mr. Jeremiah O’Leary and Mrs. Patricia O’Leary ’67, ’74
Mr. Joseph Ortigara and Mrs. Karen Ortigara ’81
Joseph J. O’Shea ’82, ’88
Mr. Joseph Owens and Mrs. Ethel Owens ’47
Mr. James Pasquinelli and Mrs. Barbara Pasquinelli ’61
Mr. Richard Paul and Mrs. Mary K. Paul ’66
Gertrude Penar ’83
Marian Novak Pepping ’62
Mr. Joseph Perreault and Mrs. Annette L. Perreault ’65
Mr. Martin Peterson and Mrs. Catherine Petersen ’67
Mr. Raymond Peterson and Mrs. Loretta Peterson ’51
Mr. Albert M. Petkus ’77 and Mrs. Anne Petkus
Mr. Edward Petru and Mrs. Janis A. M. Petru ’79
Mr. John Pfeiffer and Mrs. Sharon Pfeiffer ’69
Dr. Mary Anne Pitts ’49
Mr. Edward J. Pocilujko and Mrs. Geraldine A. Pocilujko ’69
Mr. Thaddeus J. Polit and Mrs. Cynthia Polit ’69
Christine L. Pollard ’93
Mr. David J. Poradzisz, Ph.D. ’74 and Mrs. Michele Poradzisz, Ph. D. ’69, ’82
Mary Prekosovich ’48
Joan Prendergast ’68
Carol Priesbe ’68
Mr. Patrick Kennedy and Mrs. Leslie Quade-Kennedy ’85
Maureen R. Quinn ’66
Carolyn Radosevich ’69
Faisal M. Rahman, Ph.D.
Patricia Rahn ’56
Jacqueline P. Rance ’56
Noella Butler Reed
Margaret Rees ’56
Carol Regan ’62
Mr. William Reichard and Mrs. Patricia M. Reichard ’62
Mr. Robert Reimer and Mrs. Charlene T. Reimer ’61
Joan E. Reylek ’78
Mr. Thomas Reynolds and Mrs. Patricia K. Reynolds ’58
John C. Richert ’76
Betty T. Riley ’49
Mr. Joseph Kalista and Mrs. Mary Robinson Kalista ’64
Margaret E. Roch ’65
Dorothy A. Rog ’64
Larry R. Rogers, Sr. ’74
The Honorable Patrick T. Rogers ’76 and Mrs. Patricia Rogers
J. Arlene Ronshausen ’71
Mr. Edward J. Rosenberger and Mrs. Betty Rosenberger ’58
Mr. John Rosenthal and Mrs. Linda M. Rosenthal ’72
Mr. Bill Ruhaak and Mrs. Joyce M. Ruhaak ’67
Patricia A. Ryan ’59
Bernice P. Sabo ’51
Mr. Michael Safranek and Mrs. Sandra E. Safranek ’83
Terese M. Salehyar ’57
Sara Santoyo ’53
Mr. Robert Sassetti and Mrs. Judith A. Sassetti ’57
Paula Schipiour ’83
Mr. Conrad Schlacks and Mrs. Mary Ann M. Schlacks ’66
Marian Berk Schouten ’63
Joyce V. Schuelke ’65
Ellen L. Scolum ’80
Shirley J. Scott ’83
Mr. James C. Scotty and Mrs. Helen Scotty ’52
Diane M. Sebok ’87, ’92
Mr. Robert Sedlack and Mrs. Ellen Sedlack ’59
Mr. Richard Sellers and Mrs. Theresa Sellers ’50
Mr. Gerald Sexton and Mrs. Mary E. Sexton ’61
Laura Shallow ’78, ’86, ’03
Mr. Peter M. Shannon and Mrs. Anne M. Shannon ’66
Mr. Robert W. Sharer and Mrs. Gloria B. Sharer ’69
Mary D. Shaughnessy ’76
Mr. Daniel Singelyn and Mrs. Ann J. Singelyn ’59
Mr. James J. Slattery and Mrs. Margaret M. Slattery ’66
Sister Betty Smith, R.S.M. ’58
Dr. Gerald J. Smith and Mrs. Denise M. Smith ’68
Mr. John Smith and Mrs. Dorothy A. Smith ’74, ’02
Mr. David Spencer and Mrs. Beverly H. Spencer ’64
Eileen Stachler ’68
Michele Staruck ’69
Joy T. Stastny ’63, ’65
Anna J. Staunton ’51
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Steele
Sondra S. Stevenson Rothe ’67
Charmaine A. Stilinovich ’63
William M. Stone, Ed.D.
Dr. Christine L. Sutton ’50
Mr. Swalwell and Mrs. Patricia Swalwell ’57
Mr. Richard R. Sykora and Mrs. Margaret A. Sykora ’53
Mr. Jesse Szczepanski and Mrs. Loretta Szczepanski ’67
Patricia C. Taylor ’59
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Terry
Josephine E. Thorsen ’75
Mr. Gerald F. Till and Mrs. Patricia Till ’68
Mr. Michael J. Tobin and Ms. Sheila Tobin ’78
Margaret A. Tomaso ’66
Carol Ann Tuman ’78
Mr. John L. Tuohy and Mrs. Irene A. Tuohy ’59
Jean Morman Unsworth ’55
Richard Venneri, Ph.D.
Mr. William VonderHeide and Mrs. Marie G. VonderHeide ’77
Mr. Robert Walsh and Mrs. Marietta Walsh ’53
Magdalen A. Ward ’50
Col. Mary C. Warner ’48, ’51
Donna L. Watzke ’55
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Werner
Mr. Ralph Westefer and Mrs. Elsie R. Westefer ’73
Judith A. Wierzal ’77
Patricia A. Windecker ’65
Mr. Paul Wisner and Mrs. Carole G. Wisner ’62
Alice C. Witt ’65
Arlene Wittbrodt ’81, ’96
Mr. Thomas A. Wolfla and Mrs. Madeline Wolfla ’63
Mrs. Karen Wood, D.N.Sc. ’76
Mr. Jerry Youngren and Mrs. Barbara A. Youngren ’68
Mr. Anthony Zumpano and Mrs. Margaret Zumpano ’71

Pillar Level (giving consecutively for 10 to 19 years)

Ms. Kathleen Alaimo, Ph.D. and Mr. Dominic A. Pacyga, Ph.D.
Dr. and Mrs. William C. Allen
Marie T. Alvarez ’66
Mr. James F. Angelopoulos and Ms. Karen R. Angelopoulos ’82
Mary Ellen Angelucci ’98
Mr. James P. Antos and Mrs. Mary Antos ’93, ’08
Scott A. Atkins ’94, ’99
Judy Avila ’99
Marian Banasiak ’76
Mr. Robert Barber and Mrs. Ann M. Barber ’83
Susan Beal, Ph.D.
Mr. Barry Beaman and Mrs. Carol Beaman ’94
Christopher D. Bedalow ’99, ’05
Susan Bednarski ’70
Jennifer A. Belmonte ’06, ’09
Mr. John J. Benish, Jr. ’98 and Mrs. Christie Benish
Margaret S. Berger ’81
Dr. Robert R. Blanco ’80
Dr. James Bolan and Ms. Mary B. Bolan ’81
Norman Boyer, Ph.D.
Mr. Robert Brady and Dr. Mary P. Brady ’82
Edward M. Budz ’94
Mr. Dale Burkhardt ’97 and Mrs. Sandra Burkhardt, Ph.D.
Mr. Kevin G. Burns, Ph.D. ’73 and Mrs. Joy Burns
Mary Beth Campbell, Ph.D.
Margaret Carey ’78
Kathleen Carlson, Ph.D.
Mary Beth Casper ’83
Patricia M. Cavanaugh ’76
Sister Barbara Centner, R.S.M. ’62
Gail Chambers ’85
Thomas E. Chomicz
Mr. Michael Chung and Mrs. Margaret Chung ’66
Sister Joy Clough, R.S.M. ’65
John Francis Concannon ’84
Mr. Mark Conklin and Mrs. Dawn M. Conklin ’88
Mr. James Connolly and Mrs. Maureen J. Connolly ’63 ’78
William Corbett ’80
James S. Creedon ’89
Elizabeth Crowley ’92
Mr. Steve Cruz and Mrs. Pamela A. Cruz ’01
Elizabeth M. Davis ’79
Betty A. DeBickero ’59
Mr. Paul Degroot and Mrs. Cynthia D. Degroot ’82
Mr. Joseph DeJanovich and Mrs. Joanne DeJanovich ’56, ’80
Dr. Robert Dempsey and Mrs. Diane Dempsey ’73
Frances A. Dennis ’81
Michael DeRoss ’94
Mr. Patrick Devine ’75 and Mrs. Nancy A. Devine ’76
Gloria H. Dillon ’55
Mary T. Doherty ’65
Mr. Kevin Drozd ’93 and Mrs. Suzan Drozd ’98
Mr. Richard Duba ’95 and Mrs. Kathleen Duba
Mr. David Duncan and Mrs. Annamay Duncan ’91
Mary Fran Durkin ’68
Mr. John E. Eber, Ed.D. and Mrs. Fran Eber ’03
Mr. James J. Feigl, Jr. ’81 and Mrs. Karen J. Feigl ’81
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Feminis
Elizabeth E. Feser, Ed.D. ’71
Sister Mary Cora Finnane, R.S.M. ’60
Anne Fitzgerald ’77, ’05
Sister Ann Flanagan, R.S.M. ’68
Eileen Flannery ’98
Kathryn A. Fleckenstein ’90
Dr. Nelson Hathcock and Ms. Mary E. Fleming ’98, ’04, ’06
Mary K. Foster ’68
Mr. Walter Dettmann and Mrs. Carole Frank
Mr. Joseph Furlong and Mrs. Mary A. Furlong ’96
Mr. Joseph F. Gandurski ’83, ’85 and Mrs. Margaret H. Gandurski
Donna M. Gasior ’07, ’09
Mary T. Gedeon ’47
Most Reverend John R. Gorman, Ph.D.
Mr. Richard Grabin and Mrs. Susan E. Grabin ’85
Mr. Jake Graves and Mrs. Ruth Graves ’65
Mr. William Greene and Mrs. Mary J. Greene ’69
Mr. Michael J. Griffin and Mrs. Judith A. Griffin ’71
Marilyn Grogan ’61
Stephen Gudauskas ’92
Mr. Gerry Gulley, D.Min. and Mrs. S. Beverly Gulley, Ph.D.
John W. Gwiazdzinski ’84
John D. Hallberg
Mr. and Mrs. Russell J. Hansen
Mr. William Haran and Mrs. Donna L. Haran ’71
Mr. and Mrs. James Haran
Mr. James H. Hartnett ’78, ’93 and Mrs. Catherine M. Hartnett
Mr. Edwin F. Hays and Mrs. Carol Hays ’50
Grace Lynn Hehemann ’58
Mr. Bernard Hester and Mrs. Mary T. Hester ’62
Mr. Gary Hickerson ’75 and Mrs. Susan Hickerson ’75
Peter Hilton, Ph.D. and Mrs. Susan Hilton
Sister Margaret Mary Hinz, R.S.M. ’71
David Hollander ’89
Kay E. Hood, Ph.D. ’66
Sister Nancy J. Houlihan, R.S.M. ’79
Dorene Allen Hurckes ’88
Kathleen Black Hurley
Mr. Mitchell Hurst and Mrs. Dulce L. Hurst ’89
Mr. John Janda and Mrs. Mary E. Janda ’72, ’91
Mr. Steve Jelinek and Mrs. Judith P. Jelinek ’84
Linda L. Jennings ’85
Mrs. Senora Jernigan and Mr. Ervine Jernigan ’84
Margaret Keith ’87
Mr. and Mrs. William Keyser
Mr. Mark Kinsella and Mrs. Celeste Kinsella
Patricia Klecan ’53
Joan L. Klein ’87
Eileen Quinn Knight, Ph.D.
Mr. and Mrs. William Kresse
Valerie Krulic ’92
Laura Kurzeja
Elizabeth Lackner ’72
Anna Shannon Laing ’54
Mr. Daniel Lappin and Mrs. Kathleen N. Lappin ’52
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Leehy
Mr. James Leib ’80 and Mrs. Diane Leib
Sister Emilie Marie Lesniak, O.S.F. ’60
Sister Mary E. Loftus, R.S.M. ’62, ’70
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Gaik
Marie Mallett ’90
Mr. Michael R. Maloney ’79 and Mrs. Maura A. Maloney ’92
Mr. Walter McAuliffe and Mrs. Janice McAuliffe ’92
Maureen H. McCabe ’79, ’83
Mr. and Mrs. James J. McDonough
Rosemary McGrath ’89
Peggy C. McGrath ’87
Mr. James W. McKee and Mrs. Bernadette McKee ’93
Mr. Donald McMahon and Mrs. Helen M. McMahon ’68
Paulette McMonagle ’71
Mr. James McVady and Mrs. Joan W. McVady ’86
Mr. Gene Miller and Mrs. Jeannine A. Miller ’56
Rose Ann Mulhern ’59
Bridget Mullins ’92
Rachael L. Narel ’99
Mary Neville ’92
Mr. Timothy M. O’Brien and Mrs. Karen L. O’Brien ’05
Dorothy Lynch O’Connell ’47
Mr. John J. O’Keefe and Mrs. Phyllis O’Keefe ’68
Patricia Olson ’78
Jessie S. Panko, Ph.D.
Mr. Richard J. Panush and Mrs. Marilyn Panush,M.S.N., R.N. ’71, ’80
Mr. Alvin W. Paschal and Mrs. Annelle D. Paschal ’88
Graham Peck, Ph.D.
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Pelrine, Jr.
Mr. Philip Pesavento and Mrs. Joanne R. Pesavento ’65
Mr. Charles Peters and Mrs. Paulette G. Peters ’97
Dr. John W. Peters and Mrs. Barbara J. Peters ’63
Mr. Robert Petersen and Mrs. Carol Petersen ’61
Ellen Pisani ’57
Marlene Polasek ’84
Anna M. Portanova ’74
Christine Preuss-Foli ’92
Mr. Bill Quinlan and Mrs. Kay Quinlan ’48
Peggy Quinn ’93
Mary Jean Reed, Ph.D. ’90
Mr. Kenneth Reiss and Ms. Patricia Reiss ’96
Kathleen Richmond ’92, ’97
Gertrude Riordan ’49
Gail D. Roy ’85
Mr. Michael Ryan and Mrs. Monica C. Ryan, D.N.P. ’75, ’87
George Sabin ’94
Sister Susan M. Sanders, R.S.M., Ph.D.
Mr. Roy A. Schaal and Mrs. Maridonna E. Schaal ’90
Sister Jane Schlosser, R.S.M., D. Min. ’66
Barbara Schreiber ’92
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Sehy
Suzanne Sellar ’71
Mr. Dennis Shanahan and Mrs. Mary T. Shanahan ’73
Virginia L. Sharpe ’57
Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Shine
Mr. John C. Simmons, CFA ’92, ’98 and Mrs. Amy Simmons ’94, ’97
Mary T. Small ’54
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Smiley
Judith Smith
Mr. Carl E. Smith and Mrs. Mary Ann Smith ’60
Mr. Frank Spelman and Mrs. Maureen Spelman, Ed.D.
Mr. Donald Spruck and Mrs. Marianne Spruck ’54
Dawn Marie Stajura ’94, ’09
Thomas J. Starnicky ’69
Jerome J. Stengel ’87
Mr. and Mrs. C. Carney Strange, Ph.D.
Louise T. Sullivan ’58
Noreen F. Sullivan
Barbara A. Sutton
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Sweeney
Jill M. Synoga ’98, ’05
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Synoga
Harold G. Taylor
Cyril M. Tazik, Jr. ’88
Mr. Charles Teeter and Mrs. Margaret Teeter ’67
Lina M. Terrano ’86
Kathleen Rita Tobin ’59
Henry Tomecki ’96, ’00
Mr. Nick Urso ’99 and Mrs. Kelly Urso ’00
Joann Van Duyse-Brown ’64
Mr. Thomas Vander Sanden and Mrs. Carol Vander Sanden ’61
Reza Varjavand, Ph.D.
Pamela Venema ’98
Marie Walsh
Mary Warchol ’54
Mr. Gary M. Watland ’05 and Mrs. Kathleen Watland, Ed.D.
Gary P. Weiler ’92
Monica White ’92
Adelaide Whitney ’45
Mireya Wirtz ’91, ’95
Mr. Thomas F. Wogan ’83 and Mrs. Mary Maureen Wogan ’94
Rosemary Wolf
Yvonne Woulfe ’71
Mr. James Wright and Mrs. Alice J. Wright ’62
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Yanikoski, Ph.D.
Donatta M. Yates
Mr. Don Yurachek and Mrs. Barbara Yurachek ’79
Mr. Vincent Zilius and Mrs. Rita Zilius ’62
Luce H. Zolna ’65

Milestone Level (giving consecutively for five to nine years)

Mr. Charles S. Ahlgren and Mrs. Marianne C. Ahlgren ’62
Helene E. Albano ’09
Mr. Kevin J. Allen ’08 and Ms. Kristy G. Allen ’10
Mr. John Alonzo and Mrs. Nenette Alonzo ’05, ’06
Dr. Fern E. Asma ’42
Jeanine M. Axelrod ’89
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Balasa
Roselind Barsevick
Sister Corinne Bauer, R.S.M.
Charlene Bermele ’05
Raymond B. Bixman
George Black
Mary Ann Boline ’88
Anne C. Boyd ’88
Mr. Jon-Pierre A. Bradley ’06, ’12 and Mrs. Talecia M. Bradley ’12
Rosellen Brannigan ’96
Betty Bretz ’48
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Brown
Mr. William E. Buettner and Mrs. Maureen Buettner ’59
Margaret Burch ’71
Nancy A. Burmeister ’78
Sister Dorothy Burns, R.S.M. ’61
Agnes Cagney ’54
Sam Cardella
Mr. Anthony L. Carollo ’87 and Mrs. Mary P. Carollo ’70
Geralyn Rose Cimino ’06
Erma L. Clark ’09
Wendy R. Connolly
Debra A. Connolly
Mr. John T. Costello and Ms. Sally Clair
Marguerite A. Cox ’57
Mr. Carl Craigmile and Mrs. Maureen A. Craigmile ’07, ’09
Sister Mary Joella Cunnane, R.S.M. ’60
William F. Cunningham
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel K. Curley
A. Robert Cyborski
George Daly
Anthony P. D’Anza
Mr. Samuel Dickason and Mrs. Kathleen A. Dickason ’62
Betty Diggins
Mike Dooley
Mr. Leszek Dorau and Mrs. Tina M. Dorau ’09
Kathleen Doyle, Ph.D. ’90
Mary Jo Dwyer Miller ’63
Jessica E. Dyrek ’02, ’05
Marsha Jean Eaglin ’87
Mitra Fallahi, Ph.D.
Sister Regine Fanning, R.S.M. ’56
Mr. George Fernandez and Mrs. Marcia Fernandez ’59
Carl Ferraro, Jr. ’82, ’94
Jack Ferraro ’81
Mr. Conrad Fialkowski and Mrs. Carol J. Fialkowski ’60
Mr. Donald Finan and Mrs. Kathleen Finan ’65, ’78
Elaine Fisher ’98
Hope L. Flack ’78
Robert W. Foster
Sister Marie Fox, R.S.M., Ph.D. ’55
Linda Francis
Mr. Jerry Gainer and Ms. Jeanmarie Gainer ’85
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Gallagher
Shirley A. Gallagher
Mr. Jose L. Garcia ’91 and Mrs. Maria Garcia ’90
James Garner
Sister Norena Gawronski, R.S.M. ’58, ’69
Sharon A. Glover ’65
Mr. Lawrence Goedke and Mrs. Linda Goedke ’72
Loren Greenfield ’98
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hallberg
Carmella Hannon ’59
Colleen Hanrahan
Mr. Norman Hansen and Mrs. Constance Hansen ’65
John B. Harasen, Jr. ’76
Mr. and Mrs. Dominick Hart, Ph.D.
Sean Hickey ’93
Mr. John Higgins and Mrs. Joan Higgins ’59
Mr. Vernon Hoffman and Mrs. Carol V. Hoffman ’78
Mr. John Holland and Mrs. Patricia E. Holland ’87
Christopher J. Hollock ’08
Mr. Marlowe Holstrum and Mrs. Nancy Holstrum ’92
Mr. Robert J. Hovey ’84 and Mrs. Patricia R. Hovey
Mr. and Mrs. Herb Hrebic
Joyce A. Hunter, D.B.A.
Mr. Phillip B. Jackson and Mrs. Virginia Jackson ’70
Mr. James Jacobucci and Mrs. Leanne Jacobucci ’69, ’02
Mr. John F. Janiszewski and Mrs. Margaret M. Janiszewski ’04
David T. Jankowski ’08
Therese M. Johnson
Mr. Randell Johnson and Mrs. Bonita L. B. Johnson ’96
Mildred Ellen Jones ’88
Dolores Kaminky
Anne Bollin Kane ’65
Michelle Marie Keller ’11
Eva Kelly
Dennis P. Kennedy
Mr. Timothy Kenny and Mrs. Brenda Kenny ’10
Jennifer Marie Kenyeri ’07
Joan Kerkla ’93
Mr. Ray Knox and Mrs. Joan E. Knox ’05
Mike Anthony Koenig ’05
Mr. Thomas John Konen and Mrs. Ruth Ann Konen ’89
Richard M. Kubarek ’99
Diane Kujawa ’52
Mr. Craig Kummerow ’97 and Mrs. Karen Kummerow
Mr. and Mrs. James Kusik
Mr. Patrick Kyle and Mrs. Candida M. Kyle ’92
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lake
Cyrilla K. Lambesis ’00
Elizabeth Lanigan ’93
Mr. Peter Larson and Mrs. Joyce Larson ’98
Renee Latronica ’03
Mr. Otis A. Lawrence and Mrs. Janis Lawrence ’97
Craig J. Levins ’95
Rui Li ’09
Mary Lou Lovell ’61
Mary S. MacLaren
Michelle Madia ’04
Mr. Bill Maguire and Mrs. Maria Maguire ’95
Janet L. Malone ’99
Mr. and Mrs. James Manahan
Wanda M. Manning ’11
Mr. Michael Marino and Mrs. Kathleen Marino ’76
Kathleen Matthews
Mr. Michael Matulik and Mrs. Margaret Matulik ’87
Rebecca L. Mayhew
Joseph A. McCarthy ’06
Kay E. McClellan ’03
Sister Kathleen McClelland, R.S.M. ’65, ’73
Mary P. McCullough ’60
Marcia A. McGerty
Bridget A. McIlvain ’08
Sister Margaret McKenzie, V.H.M. ’70
Mr. and Mrs. Marty McLaughlin
Larry B. Meneghini
Mary Elizabeth Mikolajewski ’87
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Miller
Myra A. Minuskin
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Molloy
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Morris
Mr. Juan Mostek and Mrs. Clare M. Mostek ’90
Joseph J. Mulack
Thomas M. Mulvey ’88
Donna Murphy ’69
Mrs. Kathleen R. Murphy and Mr. Patrick J. Murphy ’86
Sister Patricia A. Murphy, R.S.M. ’60
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Myjak
David Nance ’97
Nancy Nelson ’05
Mr. Gerard E. Droba and Mrs. Linda Nelson-Droba ’75
Sister Judith Niemet, R.S.M. ’64
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Niswonger
Evelyn J. Kruder Norton, D.N.P. ’88, ’93
Debra Nutley
Virginia O’Boyle ’49
Mr. Robert J. O’Brien and Mrs. Marian P. O’Brien ’88
Mr. and Mrs. James J. O’Connor
Joan M. O’Connor ’05
Mr. John Ogden and Mrs. Patricia Ogden ’05
Thomas O’Malley
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin O’Neill
Mr. Timothy O’Neill ’04 and Mrs. Lesley A. Podlasek-O’Neill ’02
Mary Ortigara ’52
Jan M. Osmolski ’99
Sharon Panozzo
Mr. Donald J. Pasierb ’78 and Ms. Deborah Pasierb
Mary Pearce ’98
Robert K. Personett ’82
Donna Peterson
Mr. David Petty and Mrs. Leslie Petty, Ed.D.
Margaret Pietraszek ’03
Doris R. Potts
Mr. Matthew A. Prunckle ’08 and Mrs. Lauren M. Prunckle ’08
Diane L. Pucher ’05, ’09
Joseph Pudlo
Jennifer Quinlan ’94
Matthew Quinn ’98
Candace Natalie Ramirez ’02, ’04, ’05
Clara Randall ’98
Mr. Michael J. Riordan ’90 and Mrs. Jean M. Riordan ’93, ’98
Jill M. Roggeveen
Ciro A. Rossini
Mr. Arthur Royce and Mrs. Isabelle Royce ’54
Patricia K. Ruddy ’01
Sister Ellen Marie Ryan, R.S.M. ’60
Esther Sanborn
Mr. Joseph Sapyta and Mrs. Susan K. Sapyta ’64
Carrie Schade
Luke M. Schillo ’05, ’07
Rosalba Schmidt ’76
Margaret M. Schroeder ’10
Mr. Henry G. Schuberth and Mrs. Carol A. Schuberth ’85
Mr. Charles A. Schwartz and Mrs. Jane Schwartz ’55
Laurie K. Scott ’83, ’88
Robert E. Shapiro, J.D.
Patricia A. Shevlin
Mr. Thomas Siler and Mrs. Roberta Siler, Ph.D. ’69
Anna Rose Simons ’03, ’07
Mr. Robert Skemp and Mrs. Frances Skemp ’51
Ronald J. Skupien
Maurice Edward Snell ’06
Larry Sondler
Mr. and Mrs. Wolfgang Spendel
Mr. Carmen Izzo and Mrs. Margaret Spruner-Izzo ’70
Patrice A. Stephens ’80, ’86
Mr. Richard Sullivan and Mrs. Elizabeth Sullivan ’04
Ellen Swartz ’94
Jill M. Szponder ’99, ’02
Mr. Michael Szykowny and Mrs. Janet Szykowny ’04
Brian J. Tansey
Robert C. Tenczar, Jr. ’10
Mr. Dan Tennyson and Mrs. Ranell Tennyson ’01
Carol B. Thompson ’69
Mr. Bradley J. Thompson ’01 and Mrs. Katy A. Thompson ’99, ’03
Mr. Milton Timlin and Mrs. MaryAnn Timlin ’57
Mr. Donald Towers and Mrs. Shirley H. Towers ’63
Timothy Gerard Trahey ’82
Mr. Gerald Triche and Mrs. Sandra A. Triche ’95
Mr. Martin Tully and Mrs. Cheryl Tully ’89
Mr. Ross Turban and Mrs. Sharon Turban ’62
Kathleen G. Uher ’12
Jeffrey J. Vail ’80
Dr. and Mrs. James Valek
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Vargas
Patricia Walters
Eileen Watson
Judith Weier ’89
Daniel E. Weitendorf ’85
Miranda Lynne Wells ’99
Gloria Werner
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Wilk
Mr. Dennis Wills ’75, ’80 and Mrs. Cecelia Wills ’77
Katherine Winter ’91
Gloria Wisz ’53
Mr. Ignacio M. Larrinua and Mrs. Mary T. Wolf ’69
William H. Yeo, Jr. ’07
Dr. Zak O. Zaibak ’98 and Mrs. Aida Zyad
Richard Zaremba ’04
John Zigmond
Mr. Claude Zuba and Mrs. Angeline E. Zuba ’54

Charter Level (giving consecutively for two to four years)

Nadia F. Abdessalam ’08, ’10
Juan F. Aguirre ’10
Rita B. Akin ’52
Jason Aleksander, Ph.D.
Mr. David Alexander and Mrs. Rinda C. Alexander, Ph.D. ’76
Mr. Dale Anderson and Mrs. Christine M. Anderson ’04
Lucy Anich ’68
Beth Ann Appleton ’02
Doreen M. Arcus ’76
Patricia D. Army, D.A.
Majed Assaf ’11
Mr. Saul Ayala and Ms. Arlene I. Ayala ’06
Mr. and Mrs. Peter G. Bahner
Beatrice Timms Baker ’82
Benjamin Baker
Gloria Banys
Gianna Barone
Betty Barry
Lynda M. Bartlett ’86, ’97
Mr. and Mrs. Victor M. Bassi
Jay D. Battles ’06, ’08
Mr. Thomas Beck and Mrs. Sandra D. Beck ’81
Barbara A. Becker, D.A.
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Belda
Keisha N. Bishop ’12
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Bodnar
William Paul Boehler, Jr. ’02
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Boergers
Michelle L. Bohacik ’10
Mr. Angelo Bonadonna, Ph.D. and Mrs. Loretta Bonadonna
June Bonner
Susan Bottum
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Bouffard
Kiantae A. Bowles ’06
Barbara J. Braden, R.N., Ph.D., F.A.A.N.
Carol A. Bradtke ’10
Michael A. Brauer ’11
Denise Breakfield ’10
Lori Brett
Mr. Sean P. Briody ’05 and Mrs. Jennifer Briody
Mr. and Mrs. Broski
Mr. William Brown and Mrs. Celeste A. Brown ’72
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bruni
Shirley Brzezinski-Wetzel
Nancy Bubula ’70
Connie H. Bultema ’65
Mr. John Burns and Mrs. Janette Burns ’60
Angela C. Bush ’10
Regina J. Byrnes ’10
Mary Kathleen Cahill ’86
Candace Ann Calandriello Raddatz ’11
Reverend Monsignor John F. Canary
Christine A. Canfield ’12
Elizabeth Kay Carney ’10
Catharine A. Carroll
Patricia Casebolt ’61, ’66
Margaret T. Casey ’57, ’71
Sean Stephen Castle ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond P. Catania, C.P.A., M.B.A.
Phyllis Cavallone-Jurek ’92, ’95
Robert A. Cervenka
Muhammad Chishty, Ph.D.
Lynn Chrapkiewicz
Richard J. Clay
Ryan Roy Cleary ’08
Cynthia J. Coleman ’09
Mr. Martin R. Condon and Mrs. Anne Condon ’81
Dennis Conway
Donna M. Cook ’60
Gerard C. Coop ’83
Sister Rita Corkery, R.S.M. ’61
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Costello
Sister Mary Brian Costello, R.S.M. ’54
Cadet W. Cottingham
Annie Cousin
Barbara Cousins ’59
Renee M. Covert ’07
Mr. David Covey and Mrs. Rita Covey ’92
James R. Coy
Raquel A. Craig ’12
Judy Lynn Crenshaw ’90
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Cusack
Lawrence P. Daker
John D. Dambrosio
Kathleen Gordon Davis ’85, ’06
Julie A. Davis
Mr. Patrick H. Norris and Ms. Margaret Deaton
Theresa DeFreitas
Mr. Robert Deisinger and Mrs. Julie Deisinger, Ph.D.
Michelle Delehant, Ph.D. ’89
Joanne Deptolla ’91
Mr. James Dinnocenzo and Mrs. Jean Dinnocenzo ’50
Mr. Roger Dittmann and Mrs. Donna M. Dittmann ’97
Janette Dixon
Sister Catherine Thuy T. Do
Mr. Thomas E. Doherty ’77 and Mrs. Wendy Doherty
Patricia Doherty-Wildner
Kathleen Dombrowski ’81
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Donnellan
Eileen A. Donnelly ’99, ’09
Marilyn Dorigan
Trent Douglas ’02, ’04
Thomas M. Downes ’80
Mr. John Dragas and Mrs. Barbara J. Dragas ’63
Catherine Mary Duffy, M.S.N., R.N. ’71
Danielle Rachelle Dumont ’10
Mr. Paul Boyd and Mrs. Kathleen M. Dunne ’74
Eleanor F. Duty-Pardue ’80
Jacqueline Dwyer
Lisa Ebel ’00
Cheryl A. Eberle ’11
Hai Li Li Egert ’12
Mr. Jon Ehrenstrom ’90 and Mrs. Danette Ehrenstrom
Rosemary Ellis ’88
David Farinelli
Theresa H. Farley
Lucille M. Farrell ’12
Patricia A. Fasano
Mr. and Mrs. Ross Fasano
Sister Mary Fearon, R.S.M. ’58
Katheryn A. Fitzgerald
Derek A. Fivelson ’01
James A. Flanagan ’05
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Flores
James Flynn ’04
Mr. Anthony Fremarek and Mrs. Carole Fremarek ’70
Donald E. Fricker, Ed.D.
Kenneth G. Fritsch, D.D.S.
Tina Frodyma
Michael A. Gaffigan
Martin Gainer ’03
Mary Ann Gale
Mr. Michael Gallagher and Mrs. Rosemary Gallagher ’67
Mr. Ronald Gates and Mrs. Caryl A. Gates ’70
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gawne
Thomas Joseph Gbur ’10, ’12
Christina M. Gelling ’12
Gregory D. Gerritsen ’07
Todd Gniewek ’97
Joan Goliak
Tara Gordon ’03
Katie B. Graves
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Guilfoyle
Edina Halilic ’09
Mr. John Hallberg and Mrs. Marina Hallberg ’86
Patricia L. Hallberg
Rashid Ibrahim Halloway ’09
Isra Z. Hamad ’12
Sister Sharon Hamm, R.S.M. ’61
Marilyn Hanzal
Margaret Harrigan, Ed.D. ’49
Cheryl P. Harris ’12
Daniel Haskins, D.D.S.
Nelson Hathcock, Ph.D. and Ms. Mary E. Fleming ’98, ’04, ’06
Patrick Hayes
Kathleen R. Hebb ’82
Bob Heersema
Douglas Heimberg ’03
Jacqueline Marie Heine ’09, ’13
Mr. Jeremy T. Zientek ’08, ’11 and Mrs. Gretchen R. Hendrix-Zientek ’08
Mr. George Hendry and Mrs. Mary C. Hendry ’67, ’85
Matthew A. Herrmann ’12
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Herron
Rita Hickey
Rosemary Hickey
Janet Hickey
Lucrecia R. Hicks ’06
Mr. John Higgins and Mrs. Mary K. Higgins ’65
Tiffany N. Hines ’11
Mr. Brad Hinker and Mrs. Betty E. Hinker ’81
Mr. Darryl Hobson ’99 and Mrs. Sharlene Hobson
Mr. and Mrs. John Hogan
Barry G. Hoinacki ’01
Cornel Holinko
Mr. Michael Holland ’10 and Mrs. Anna Holland
Bernadine Horne ’86
Theresa L. Horton ’11
Brian D. Hotzfield ’99, ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hutchinson
Tartane Shone Hutchinson ’12
Barbara U. Inzinga
Adam G. Jablonowski ’11
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Jablonowski
Grace Jablonowski
Patricia Jablonski ’58
Mr. Gary Jacobson, D.D.S. and Mrs. Gloria Jacobson, R.N., Ph.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory James
Judith Jamrisko ’96
Cora Johnson ’04
Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey Jones
Katherine M. Jones ’96
M. Tara Joyce, Ed.D.
Mr. Richard Jurgovan and Mrs. Charlene M. Jurgovan ’66
Mr. Maurice Davis and Mrs. Erin Kading-Davis ’98
Jennifer L. Kalabich ’92
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kane
Mr. Merl L. Kardatzke and Mrs. Joan L. Kardatzke ’77
Amy S. Kargus ’95
Constantine Kariotakis ’00
Thomas Kaufmann
Victoria Marie Kazin ’75, ’02
Thomas J. Keating, Jr.
Brian M. Kelly ’09
Ryan E. Kelly ’11
Reverend William Kenneally
Marilynn Jean Kennedy ’10
Sister Sharon Kerrigan, R.S.M. ’63
Nancy Kerrigan Jarasek ’67
Marion Kienzle
Beth Kilduff
Sung J. Kim ’07
S. Michael Kitt
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Klein
Bradford L. Klett
Joan Klister ’72
Marla Knepper ’09
Mr. Pat Knightly and Mrs. Eileen E. Knightly ’85, ’10
Sister Margaret Mary Knittel, R.S.M., D. Min. ’68
Danielle R. Knoff ’11
Renata Kogut ’91
Theresa McKeown Kolody ’62
Agnieszka B. Kozielska ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond L. Kratzer
Kelly K. Kreten ’02, ’07
Peter Henry Kreten ’08, ’12
Brandon James Kukla ’04
Josephine A. Kunz
Mr. Al Kupcikevicius and Mrs. Yolanda Kupcikevicius ’97
Keli M. Kwiatkowski ’11
Mr. Gregory Ladd and Mrs. Nancy Ladd ’02
Mr. and Mrs. William Laird
Sister Joan Lang, R.S.M. ’64
Edward Langle ’09
Christa Lappin ’98
Mr. Ronald Latko and Mrs. Penny K. Latko ’66
Robert Lawrence
Carolyn D. Lee ’07
John Edward Lelko ’87
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lelli
Mr. John Lethert and Mrs. Rita Lethert ’69
Natalie J. Liakopoulos ’08
Mr. Daniel Lichter ’05 and Mrs. Jackie Lichter
Ellen D. Lilly
Mr. Jeffrey Litman and Mrs. Paula Litman ’79
James Little
Maria N. Llerenas
Nancy M. Lockie, Ed.D.
Carol Loula ’62
Sister Maura Lowrey, R.S.M. ’63
Joan Lukasik
Camille Ann Lutz ’09
Matthew J. Luzi ’89
Jessica M. Lysaught ’10
Torrie Mack ’11
Griselda Magallanes ’12
Sister Mary Campion Maguire, R.S.M. ’64
Carole Noel Maguire, C.P.A. ’83
John P. Mahoney
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Mahoney
Timothy J. Mahoney
Margaret Majka ’94
Renette Makowski ’50
Timothy J. Malham
Mary Kay Malham
Mr. Robert Mallo ’90, ’92 and Mrs. Marge Mallo
Mr. and Mrs. Graziano Marcheschi
Mr. William Marozas and Mrs. Catherine M. Marozas ’61
Alfredo Martinez ’12
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Maton
Jeffrey Thomas Matz ’02
Mr. Thomas Mazur and Mrs. Arlene Mazur ’62
Mr. and Mrs. John McAllister
Stefanie McAllister ’89
Leanne T. McBride
Carole C. McCarthy
Mr. and Mrs. James J. McCarthy
Winston A. McCauley ’11
Christopher McCullough
Matthew C. McGinnis ’09
Kathleen McInerney, Ph.D.
Sister Kay McIntyre, R.S.M. ’57
Kathryn P. McLaughlin ’07
Patrick A. McNamee ’10
Sheila McNulty ’69, ’87
Elisa Melecio
Angela I. Mendoza ’10
Elena Mendoza ’12
Victor Mesco
Teri Meyer ’01
Susan S. Miles
Paul J. Millea, M.D.
Mr. Jim Miller and Mrs. Teresa Miller ’85
Karen M. Miller ’09
Kelsey L. Miller ’10
Irene E. Modunkwu ’11
Jo Ann E. Moll
Felipe Montoya ’02
Leah J. Moore ’12
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Moran
Linda Moreno ’03, ’05
Amelia E. Moreno ’11
Joan Morgan ’74
Anita Morgan
James Moss
Rocco Mossuto ’03
Mr. Gary W. Mueller ‘ 92 and Mrs. Jennifer L. Mueller ’93
Megan Murphy ’08
Mr. Edward G. Murphy ’86 and Mrs. Laura Murphy
Margaret Murphy
Patricia Myers Dahl
Melissa A. Naegle
Angeline D. Nalepa ’10
Mr. Alfonso Navarro and Mrs. Therese Navarro ’90
Sister Julie Neal, R.S.M. ’59
Joseph E. Nee ’09
Denise M. Nelligan
Kathryn Nelson
Sister Anh Thi Nguyen ’12
Mary Nonnemacher
Mr. James E. Norris and Mrs. Mary Ellen Norris ’56
Mr. Jack C. Norton ’87 and Mrs. Marian Drury-Norton
Joshua Novak ’03
Wade Novak
Vera J. Nyberg ’94
Marion F. O’Connell ’58
Tricia O’Connor ’98
Mr. Colman O’Hare and Mrs. Barbara O’Hare ’66
Matthew J. Ohlsen ’02
Beata Ewa Olejnyik ’10
Robert Olszowka ’77
The Honorable and Mrs. Matthew J. O’Shea
Robin M. Owens ’10
Joseph M. Panozzo ’83
Darrell Parks
Mr. Mike Pattison and Mrs. Laurie A. Pattison ’86, ’91
Mark J. Patzelt ’80
Susan Pavich ’75
Tanya Pearson ’99
Triniece N. Pearson ’09
John R. Perryman, Jr. ’05, ’07
Lisa E. Pesek
Jonathan P. Peters ’12
Reynold Petravich
Cheryl J. Petzel ’03
Kimberly A. Phelps ’10
Elaine S. Phillips ’44
Mary Eileen Pilarczyk ’12
Mark E. Piper ’10
Donna Pleason
Patrick H. Pletcher ’10
Cheryl Poetzinger ’97
Luann Pokers
Dorothy Lynn Poma ’07
Sharon Powers-Landis ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Prangle
Beverley Prichard Anderson ’62
Geralyn H. Prokop
Michael T. Ptak ’11
Alex Puccillo ’01
Kristianne M. Puhr ’11
Rita Quaid
Mr. William P. Quinn and Mrs. Mary L. Quinn ’93
Janet L. Raczka ’67
Kenneth C. Rakow, Ph.D.
Jennifer A. Ramos ’12
Kristine Aurora Rangel ’07
Mr. and Mrs. George Rattin
Dylan Lyron Redmond ’11
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Reidy
Joseph Remiasz ’99
Lawrence M. Rich ’74
Mr. Arthur Richard and Mrs. Josephine Richard ’05
Calvin Levert Ridgell, Jr. ’09
Ashley Paris Riley ’10
Maureen D. Riley ’70
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Robin
Lina Robinson ’99
Marianne Roccaforte, Ph.D. ’81
Mr. Coughlin Roche and Mrs. Therese Roche ’92
Dr. Rigoberto J. Rodriguez and Mrs. Marian M. Rodriguez ’74
Eileen M. Rohan ’11
Thomas S. Rohan
Mr. and Mrs. Cy Rohan
Mr. Francis V. Romanes ’95 and Mrs. Elizabeth Romanes
Kati L. Romanowski ’10
Molly Romeo
Christine B. Rorer ’07
Mr. Randy Rosen ’69 and Mrs. Jean Rosen ’69
Gina M. Rossetti, Ph.D.
Robert T. Roza ’79, ’87
Romayne R. Rozelle ’11
Rosa N. Rubino ’10
Terralynn A. Rudd ’09
Jean Donna Ruddy ’79
Kena Russell-Seay ’04
Mr. Vincent Ryan and Mrs. Sharon Ryan ’64
Laura N. Sakas ’83
John Samolis
Ramanujan Kadambi Sampathkumaran ’11
Hector Sanchez ’11
Judith A. Sandberg
Jose Sandoval ’09, ’12
James E. Santor ’90
Mr. David Santori and Ms. Catherine Santori ’69
Dawnmarie Saunoras ’94
Carole A. Scardina ’08
Ellen Scheiner
Lillian W. Schilling
Nancy Schkurman ’68
Lucille V. Schleiter
Robert J. Schmitz
William M. Schmitz
Holly Lynn Schreuder ’02
Sister Margot Schueneman, R.S.M. ’61
Steven J. Segvich ’86
Carol Rose Sejda ’66
Donnie K. Selby ’10
Raymond D. Sendejas
Sergio Senese ’01
Mr. and Mrs. Brian O. Shannon, Jr.
Mr. Robert W. Sheeren ’95 and Mary Ann Sheeren
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Sherwood
Terese A. Shomody ’07
Mr. Steven Showers and Ms. Peggy Showers ’95
Barbara K. Sibley
Tom Simek
Mr. Leonard Peyton and Mrs. Marita Simmons-Peyton ’99
Cassandra M. Simpson ’09
Rodney R. Sims, Jr. ’09
Louis G. Sisto ’05, ’07
Brittney N. Sivels ’12
Pete Skach
Michelle Smith ’79
Patricia A. Smith ’10
Renee P. Spacapan ’12
Andrea L. Spears ’10
Mary H. Stafford ’64
Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Standring
Amanda L. Stephenson Forte ’09
Matthew C. Stevenson ’08, ’12
Jennifer Jean Stinich ’08
David Stirling
Dounia Saber Suliman ’12
Michael K. Sullivan
Maria Suvacarov ’09
Mr. Jimmy Suvante and Mrs. Barbara A. Suvatne ’02
Adael A. Sweis ’11
Colette M. Swiatkowski
Susan Swisher
Mr. Earl Szymanski and Mrs. Frances D. Szymanski ’65
Mr. Nicholas Tantillo ’07 and Mrs. Susan Tantillo
Mr. Leighton Tatem and Mrs. Edjuana Tatem ’71, ’73
Meriam R. Thebes ’10
Sister Mary Susan Thomas, R.S.M. ’44
Alfred M. Thomas ’03
Efren Tirado ’09, ’12
Mr. Michael Tjemmes and Mrs. Jane Tjemmes ’66
Elizabeth Topa ’93
Mr. and Ms. John Touhy
Patricia M. Touhy ’81
Mr. Timothy W. Tremaine ’08 and Ms. Leticia Tremaine
Christopher R. Trzeciak ’09
Steven S. Tyrakowski ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Randal R. Udell
Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. Vachon
Anthony J. Vaci ’08
Therese Vaci
Ieva Vaitkute ’12
Karyn R. Vanderwarren, C.P.A., J.D. ’93
Patricia M. Vaughan ’77
Patricia L. Veit
Kyle E. Villanova
Iris Villanueva ’06
Vincent Vizza ’01
Edward C. Vucinic
Mr. Robert Wachholz and Mrs. Deanna L. Wachholz ’82
Winnie O’Neil Wahlen ’58
Anna Marta Walkosz ’08
John J. Walsh
Jennifer E. Walsh ’10
Mr. and Ms. Thomas F. Walsh
Reverend Mark J. Walter ’83
Dominic James Walters ’11
Mr. Charles Thomas and Mrs. Karin A. Warden-Thomas ’05, ’10
Samantha K. Wargowsky ’12
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Wasik
Mary Lu Wasniewski ’09
Hattie Watt ’90
Brian D. Weaver ’12
Alvorna Weaver ’97
Jennifer K. Weaver ’99
John T. Weidner
Sister Helen Weinfurter, R.S.M. ’55
Robert Westphal
Corrine S. Whitely ’61
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Wiechman
Kevin N. Wiersema ’09
Frances Williams ’89
Marion J. Williams ’11
Sarah J. Wilson ’08
Linnea Wimpenny
Tom Wippo
Jill Wisch
Mr. William A. Wiseman and Mrs. Christine M. Wiseman, J.D.
Judith M. Witvoet ’08
Carole L. Wolcott ’74
Anita K. Wolff ’66
Nancy M. Wood ’95
Karen Zerlinda Woodard ’95, ’12, ’13
Dartesha A. Wright ’11
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick S. Wright, Sr.
Mark R. Yanule
Prudence M. Yontez
Mr. Alfred Young and Mrs. Mary J. Young ’62
Elfriede Zawicki ’49
Liang Zhao, Ph.D.
Joan Zielinski
Thomas J. Zmucki, Jr. ’89