The President’s Club

The President’s Club recognizes those generous donors who provide significant gifts in support of the University and its programs. President’s Club members provide the leadership gifts that ensure scholarships and financial aid, as well as support for our students and serves our community. Thank you to the many members of the President’s Club.

Catherine McAuley Society ($5,000 and up)

The name Mother Catherine McAuley, R.S.M. embodies the strength and energy of Saint Xavier University.  The founder of the Sisters of Mercy, Mother McAuley is a testament to the spirit of caring and leadership within the Saint Xavier community now and in the years to come. Leadership gifts or $5,000 or more guarantee the future of Saint Xavier University.

Anonymous (3)
Ms. Kathleen Alaimo, Ph.D. and Mr. Dominic A. Pacyga, Ph.D.
Mr. John J. Benish, Jr. ’98 and Mrs. Christie Benish
Bernadette M. Benson ’60
Norman Boyer, Ph.D.
Barbara J. Braden, R.N., Ph.D., F.A.A.N.
Reverend Monsignor John F. Canary
Mr. William Callaghan, Jr. and Mrs. Nancy Callaghan ’78
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond P. Catania, C.P.A., M.B.A.
Mr. John T. Costello and Ms. Sally Clair
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel K. Curley
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Cusack
Mr. John R. DeLeonardis ’89 and Mrs. Patricia DeLeonardis
The Honorable and Mrs. Terrence A. Duffy
Mr. John E. Eber, Ed.D. and Mrs. Frances Eber ’03
Hope L. Flack ’78
Mr. and Mrs. George Ferrell
Robert Fimbianti
Mr. Laurence J. Hicks and Mrs. Judith E. Hicks ’69
Carol A. Keene, Ph.D. ’61
Mr. and Mrs. William Keyser
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond L. Kratzer
Mr. and Mrs. William Laird
Mr. James P. Lill and Mrs. Mary Marttila Lill
Dr. Gerald F. Loftus and Mrs. Mary Clare Loftus ’65
Sister Margaret Lyons, R.S.M. ’56*
Mary S. MacLaren
Mr. and Mrs. John C. McCarthy
Mr. and Mrs. James J. McDonough
Edward T. McGowan
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Moran
Mr. James A. Morris and Mrs. Patricia A. Morris, Ph.D. ’83
Mr. Patrick H. Norris and Ms. Margaret Deaton
Elaine S. Phillips ’44
Doris R. Potts
Larry R. Rogers, Sr. ’74
Sister Susan M. Sanders, R.S.M., Ph.D.
Mr. Stephen R. Schmidt and Mrs. Gail Harris-Schmidt, Ph.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Brian O. Shannon, Jr.
Mr. Robert Sedlack and Mrs. Ellen Sedlack ’59
Mr. John C. Simmons, CFA ’92, ’98 and Mrs. Amy Simmons ’94, ’97
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Sweeney
Richard Venneri, Ph.D.
Mr. William A. Wiseman and Mrs. Christine M. Wiseman, J.D.
Dr. Zak O. Zaibak ’98 and Mrs. Aida Zyad

Sister of Mercy Partnership ($2,500 – $4,999)

This giving level recognizes our spiritual continuity with our founders, the Sisters of Mercy. Support at this important level ensures that the core values are an integral part of a Saint Xavier education.

Mr. and Mrs. Peter G. Bahner
Mr. William Blew and Mrs. Lynn W. Blew ’73
Sister Dorothy Burns, R.S.M. ’61
Kathleen Carlson, Ph.D.
Sister Frances Crean, R.S.M., Ph.D. ’66
Mr. Patrick Devine ’75 and Mrs. Nancy A. Devine ’76
Mr. Kevin Doherty ’78 and Mrs. Jane Maiberger Doherty ’78
Sister Ann Flanagan, R.S.M. ’68
Donald E. Fricker, Ed.D.
Shirley A. Gallagher
Mr. and Mrs. James Hallberg
Sister Marion Johnson, R.S.M. ’60
Mr. Edward J. Joyce and Mrs. Therese Joyce ’93
Sister Sharon Kerrigan, R.S.M. ’63
Brendan Lee
Mr. Patrick E. Mahoney
Kenneth G. McGuire, Jr.
Mr. Donald McMahon and Mrs. Helen M. McMahon ’68
Burke J. Montgomery
Sister Carol Mucha, R.S.M.
Mr. Joseph W. Nelligan and Mrs. Beatrice H. Nelligan ’60
Mr. and Mrs. James J. O’Connor
Mary Ortigara ’52
Mr. William Reichard and Mrs. Patricia M. Reichard ’62
Mr. and Mrs. John Sheehy
Mr. Jesse Szczepanski and Mrs. Loretta Szczepanski ’67
Sister Mary Susan Thomas, R.S.M. ’44
Mary Warchol ’54
Sister Helen Weinfurter, R.S.M. ’55
Mr. Thomas F. Wogan ’83 and Mrs. Mary Maureen Wogan ’94

Frances Warde Society ($1,000 – $2,499)

This giving level is named after Mother Frances Xavier Warde, foundress of the Sisters of Mercy in the United States. These President’s Club members give generously in support of our students.

Anonymous (3)
Jason Aleksander, Ph.D.
Mr. Bill Arenberg and Mrs. Lorraine L. Arenberg ’83
Sister Mary Ann Bergfeld, R.S.M. ’58, ’66
Gary Beu
Mr. Robert Billingsley and Mrs. Sally Billingsley ’49
Mr. Marshall Blume and Mrs. Loretta Blume ’64
Norman R. Bobins
Margaret M. Bogacz, D.A. ’64
Mr. John E. Boles ’79 and Mrs. Rosemary F. Boles
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Booth
Anne C. Boyd ’88
Mr. Dale Burkhardt ’97 and Mrs. Sandra Burkhardt, Ph.D.
Mr. Kevin G. Burns, Ph.D. ’73 and Mrs. Joy Burns
Mary Ellen Cassinelli ’51
Mr. Loren Chamberlain and Mrs. Marian Chamberlain ’67
Thomas E. Chomicz
Avis Clendenen, Ph.D. ’72
Mr. and Mrs. Roger O. Crockett
Mr. Timothy Conway and Ms. Ellen Babbitt
Sister Mary Joella Cunnane, R.S.M. ’60
William F. Cunningham
Theresa DeFreitas
Mr. Robert Deisinger and Mrs. Julie Deisinger, Ph.D.
Frances A. Dennis ’81
Mr. James L. Derrico, D.D.S. ’75 and Mrs. Deann Derrico
Mary T. Doherty ’65
Mr. Thomas K. Donahue and Mrs. K. Tina A. Donahue, M.B.A., R.N. ’84
Catherine Mary Duffy, M.S.N., R.N. ’71
Therese H. Dumond ’55
Nannette Franz ’45
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Gaik
John P. Gallagher
Jocelyn Williams Gaston ’82, ’96
Sister Lois Graver, R.S.M. ’57
Mr. Jake Graves and Mrs. Ruth Graves ’65
Mr. Gerry Gulley, D.Min. and Mrs. S. Beverly Gulley, Ph.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hallberg
Mr. Jerome L. Harden and Mrs. Linda H. Harden ’73
Mr. and Mrs. Dominick Hart, Ph.D.
Bob Heersema
Sean Hickey ’93
Kathleen Black Hurley
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hutchinson
Mary F. Kale Jablonskis ’58, ’74
Mr. Gary Jacobson, D.D.S. and Mrs. Gloria Jacobson, R.N., Ph.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey Jones
Catherine W. Kallal ’43
Mr. and Mrs. William Kresse
Mr. Randolph W. Krohmer, Ph.D. and Mrs. Patricia U. Krohmer ’04
John Lambe ’95
Mr. Ignacio M. Larrinua and Mrs. Mary T. Wolf ’69
Mr. Otis A. Lawrence and Mrs. Janis Lawrence ’97
Mr. John D. Love, C.P.A. ’81 and Mrs. Margaret Love
Sister Mary Campion Maguire, R.S.M. ’64
Catherine H. Malin*
Mr. Robert Mallo ’90, ’92 and Mrs. Marge Mallo
Mr. and Mrs. James Manahan
Maureen T. Markase ’99
Eileen K. Massura ’71
Robert Maszak
Rebecca L. Mayhew
Mr. and Mrs. John McAllister
Paul D. McCoy
Sister Kathleen McClelland, R.S.M. ’65, ’73
Larry B. Meneghini
Paul J. Millea, M.D.
Barry Mitchell
Joan Morgan ’74
The Honorable Michael Mullen and Mrs. Patti Mullen
Sister Patricia A. Murphy, R.S.M. ’60
Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Murphy, Ed.D.
Catherine Nessinger
Sister Judith Niemet, R.S.M. ’64
Loretta Fisher Nolan, Ed.D. ’48
Mr. Jay O’Callaghan and Mrs. Darlene O’Callaghan ’69
Rola M. Othman ’94, ’03
Jessie S. Panko, Ph.D.
Mr. Alvin W. Paschal and Mrs. Annelle D. Paschal ’88
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Pelrine, Jr.
Faisal M. Rahman, Ph.D.
Candace Natalie Ramirez ’02, ’04, ’05
Mr. and Mrs. George Rattin
Carol Regan ’62
Mr. and Mrs. John Richards
Kathleen A. Rinehart, J.D.
Margaret E. Roch ’65
Jill M. Roggeveen
Gina M. Rossetti, Ph.D.
Patricia A. Ryan ’59
Mr. Joseph C. Scully and Mrs. Judith Scully, Ph.D., R.N. ’84
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Sehy
Sergio Senese ’01
Laura Shallow ’78, ’86, ’03
Mr. Peter M. Shannon, Jr. and Mrs. Anne M. Shannon ’66
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Sheahan
Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Shine
Mary T. Small ’54
Larry Sondler
Mr. Frank Spelman and Mrs. Maureen Spelman, Ed.D.
Dr. Christine L. Sutton ’50
Robert Tenczar ’10
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Terry
Timothy Gerard Trahey ’82
Jean Morman Unsworth ’55
Mr. William VonderHeide and Mrs. Marie G. VonderHeide ’77
Mr. Gary M. Watland ’05 and Mrs. Kathleen Watland, Ed.D.
Mr. James Wright and Mrs. Alice J. Wright ’62
Donatta M. Yates
Richard Zaremba ’04

President Associates ($500-$999)

Those alumni who have graduated from Saint Xavier University in the last ten years are eligible for membership in the President’s Club with a gift of $500 or more.

Mary D. Fitzpatrick ’08
Brian D. Hotzfield ’99, ’10
Jennifer Marie Kenyeri ’07
Joan E. Knox ’05
Megan Murphy ’08
John R. Perryman, Jr. ’05, ’07
Anna Rose Simons ’03, ’07